Gearing Up

There is a big gap between someone who hopes to achieve success and one who already has. A person who has just started on his career path should respect anybody who has succeeded, simply because he has succeeded. Compared to a student in high school, a thriving entrepreneur or doctor has gone through many more hardships. Therefore, one should respect where they stand, and prepare as much as they can when attempting to contact with one of them. Practice speaking, create the most eye-grabbing and perfect e-mail, set up a proper voicemail, create a plan on how talking with them may unfold. Basically, in preparation for the meeting with these figures, we practice professionalism to our current limits.

Organization is a big thing; nobody will complain to someone who can keep track of where everything is with a set system. There is no downfall to setting up a system of organization for papers due, website posts, or even binders being put together. In ISM, a big thing due was our physical portfolio; our binders with all of our work in it. This binder represents our growth in a tangible means, and therefore one should not skimp on properly designing, maintaining, and organizing it. Every paper inside should be in a paper protector, there should be consistency in every piece of text, the tabs should be easily seen, labeled, and accessible, and a color scheme should be present in order to show original and stylistic flair. As soon as a certain font, style of formatting and color scheme is set, print everything as it comes along in order to properly prepare and organize the binder. When keeping up a website, make post regularly and add tags to them, while naming them properly and placing them in the proper section (using hyperlinks if needed). Again, maintain a set format, color scheme, and create proper sections of the website in order to properly keep up the website’s cleanliness. A unique point to note is that by keeping the color scheme for the binder and website the same, others will associate those colors with one, giving the maker a unique identity that can be easily identified with colors. Furthermore, this can be accentuated by using shapes as well. This can be easily seen in a friend of mine who was also in ISM. This friend of mine, no matter what it was, website, PowerPoint presentations, videos, his binder, and even his final product had always used a circle to indicate his product. By the end of the year, everyone who had seen his work had immediately associated the circle as a sort of trademark that showed that he made it. While organizing oneself is important, preparing for the future is also important.

One should not treat professionals as friends right off of the bat. In fact, one should be extra careful in treating them with respect by phone or by e-mail because that is the very first moment of interaction, and therefore one must try to create a good first impression. Not only that but when e-mailing, a proper signature must be made in order to emphasize one’s professionalism. This signature should include: one’s name and website, but if it suits one, it can include one’s school and ISM program. When calling or e-mailing a professional, I learned that one should create a skeleton of how the conversation may unfold, in order to best prepare oneself. Specifically for e-mails, one should simply create a skeleton that best displays who one is while also showing a great amount of professionalism. Preparing this step is very important because, as I stated before, it will most likely by one’s first interaction with the professional.

Even as I’m writing this, I still feel like I am not prepared for contacting these well-known professionals. I still want to prepare more by asking my peers and teachers to look at my e-mail and phone skeleton. Therefore, because I feel unprepared, I will prepare as much as I can. Mr. Wysong has officially let us go, but I will continue to prepare. In order to succeed, I will gear up to my fullest in this starting town, before embarking on this great journey.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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