Raising the Stakes

When all is going well one tends to slack off. However, one should keep his wits sharp as slacking off is never good in the long run. That’s why one should always try to put in his utmost effort in every activity he participates in, ranging from homework to extracurricular activities.

There were many things to plan for this weekend. As Halloween is coming up, I have to plan out our station for Trunk-or-Treat as an NHS officer. Because we have done at least two lab reports in medical microbiology I plan to improve my lab-writing ability in order to get an even better grade in class. In pharmacology, we have finished lecture 101, which means that I keep studying that section as it composes a large section of the final pharmacy technician test.  Furthermore, there were many college applications that I had to finish. In order to prevent myself from slacking off, I must continue to keep striving to improve myself. However, while I was striving to improve myself in all of these categories, some classes still continue to ramp up their level of difficulty.

ISM is a perfect example of a something that continues to surprise me. While the other classes still are maintaining a fair level of difficulty, this past week had actually surprised me. This week in ISM we had learned about our original work, a project in which we ISM students have to conduct on our own. The catch is that the original work can be over anything. Everyone’s project will be presented to every ISM class in the district at one of the schools. However, this year is different. As it is somewhat confidential, all I can say is that this event will be held somewhere different, somewhere new. The fact that we are able to hold our presentations there gets me really excited and I know that I will have to work even harder on my original work than I would normally.

However, just because ISM is raising the stakes doesn’t mean that I can take it easy in other classes. I have to manage my time properly because if I get off task with even one class I may get behind schedule and will have to sacrifice one class or work in order to maintain a proper grade. As that is one of the worst circumstances, I will put in my utmost effort to keep up with all of my classes.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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