Foundation of Preparation

As always, the workload for school is quite tough, but I am somehow managing it. However, something that has changed is the addition of projects among many classes from lab reports to speeches to math project explanations. While I may be repetitive, I must continue to work hard to keep up with those around me. However, working on projects can be difficult, and therefore, one should find some sort of motivation in working.

Everyone has a limit, and at some point or another, working hard will cause one to crash. Therefore, one should strive to make work enjoyable for oneself in order to keep up the hard work. I learned that especially this past week as many projects were given out, as well as some group quizzes. Normally, group projects are known to be painful for all the members as many will not do the work, and the rest will not be in the mood to put in any effort. This is discord is further stressed by the grading system which states that the group must work together to gain the same grade. However, there are ways to make group projects to prevent these stressful situations. The best way for a group activity to progress is to enhance communication with the other members and to get things done efficiently. In order to achieve these goals, one must allow ideas to flow easily between all the members, and the best method to get these ideas going is to make everyone have some sort of fun in the project. However, one must stay diligent when doing work in order to not get sidetracked. By maintaining a satisfactory level of humor and diligence, one can finish projects with others easily.

Individual projects can be even more stressful than group projects. Usually with a small period of time, these projects are usually less flexible than group projects, and since there is nobody to work with, all of the tasks are thrust onto solely one person. As always, one will run out of energy if one simply tries to brute force his or her way through the project. Therefore, one must take it upon oneself to have fun while working. Whenever I’m working on a speech or PowerPoint, I try to add in some jokes to allow myself to continue on. While it may require a little more work, I tend to have a lot more desire to work on such a project and I tend to get tired a lot less often.

All things require a foundation. A fort will not stand if the base is unstable. I feel like whenever one is starting out some kind of work, one should always find a reason to work harder, be it a personal drive, or some kind of joke to boost one’s morale. Otherwise, one will lose energy very quickly and make a product with much less quality.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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