Please enjoy my first speech of ISM 2016-17

Please click on the above line to go to the video.

Personal Criticisms:Well, I feel kind of embarrassed about this speech. The speech was supposed to be ten minutes long, yet it extended to twelve. This fact becomes worse when I know that I speak relatively fast in the first place. Furthermore, I know I could’ve done much better had I made my intro and background shorter. The intro for sure could be shorter, but I believe that in the end shortening my background would’ve  lessened the amount of emotional impact it had. This speech was partly improvisational because I know one of my strengths is improvisational speaking, and fully fleshing out my speech would’ve taken too much time and had a much greater risk. However, I did plan out the backbone of this speech because I needed to know what I was saying and how to transition properly. Furthermore, I feel that I could’ve elaborated more on my research interviews, include another thing I had researched. While I did add passion to my speech, I could’ve added some humor to make the speech more audience interactive. I will try to improve on these aspects for the next speech. Feel free to leave your own comments on what I should do next time or what you think of my speech below!


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