The Second-Last Middle Stretch

By the time I finish writing this, it should be the start of Thanksgiving Break. Furthermore, the reason for this title is because I consider the week prior to Thanksgiving break the week students must endure before they relish in the fact that they have almost halfway finished their school year. The key word is almost because this is just a momentary break before half of the school year is done, nonetheless, a key to keep in mind is that even with a break coming, or even if has already come, one should balance work and fun. For juniors and seniors, this time is especially stressful as SATs and ACTs are coming and going, the final early action dates are around the corner, scholarships are opening up, teacher recommendations are being passed around, already given teacher recommendations are being stressed to be finished even faster, and counselor recommendations to are being pushed by both students and teachers. While one may push his own agenda, try to keep in mind that others are also looking to rest in the upcoming week.

For me, this week was surprisingly relaxed in terms of physical work; however, stress has been piled up from the previously stated reasons. Nonetheless, my peers and I found ways to relax, while still maintaining work efficiency. There were only a few tests, no lab reports, and no assessments, which means that classwork and college work was the main thing to finish. Furthermore, the majority of my college applications had been completed, therefore, the only actual work left for me to do was to finish up my few remaining college applications, read “The Handmaid’s Tale”, and make sure my teachers and counselor have finished their recommendations.

While this is a ‘weekly report’, I want to talk about my plans for my break. On the next weekly report, which should be for the next school week, I will discuss how well I implemented my plans. This break I plan to finish up my college applications, email more orthopedic surgeons, try to find a mentor, read “The Handmaid’s Tale”, work on ISM assignments due on later dates, and work on my original work. However, while I plan to accomplish the majority of these tasks, I plan to get some well-deserved rest. As I said before, in the next weekly report, I’ll talk about how my break went, and if you want to tell me how yours went, I’ll be happy to hear!

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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