To Be Faster

You know, there is never time for nothing. Everything can be completed at an orderly pace, as long as one doesn’t slack off or overfill his load. Nonetheless, there is no man made activity that is impossible. The reason why I state this is because I was able to over accomplish some tasks, but in exchange, I got considerably behind on others. In order to remedy this problem, I set out to maximize the work that could be achieved.

Like many other weeks, I had many things to do. However, I could finish them all in the proper amount of time if I put in enough planning and effort. For example, one of my biggest concerns was finishing and annotating the last sixty pages of George Orwell’s 1984 within the span of two days. Normally AP Literature has us read around forty to fifty pages of annotating, which, for me takes a few hours to get through. I couldn’t spare any extra effort in reading; therefore, I stopped close reading the whole book. In exchange, I began to speed read and annotate only the most important and interesting parts. Furthermore, I split up the reading into two days, effectively halving the time needed. By doing this, I was able to catch up on my reading and could work on other homework.

This was my last lab report to write. Like all my other lab reports, this could not be finished in the span of a single day as they were all over eight pages long, and each and every page took a considerable amount of time to write. Therefore, I started a few days early on my lab report so I won’t have to work on it all night the day before it’s due to turn it in on time. However, I took one more fact into consideration: we were able to use the whole of class to work on the lab report. Therefore, over the span of three or four days I worked on my report and finished as much as I could, but I left one minor section unfinished. When I got to class I immediately began finishing that final part. By doing this I saved myself an immensely stressful night and was able to go on with other work.

This week was busy, to say the least. I had to reform my ways of working to get things done faster. However, I chose to take all these classes because I knew that I could take it on. It was completely my fault that I got behind on work and therefore it was completely up to me to catch up.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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