Tis the Season to be Jolly… and Studious

This week was a blast, to say the least. It had its ups and downs, straights and curves, but nonetheless, I tried to make the most of it. After all, Winter Break would begin the coming week! However, I had to get through various obstacles, including a major AP biology test, a benchmark midterm/final AP biology test, an AP calculus test, AP Government project, and the fourth ISM interview assessment. My biology test was most possibly the hardest task this week. It was over three chapters, all of which were

My biology test was most possibly the hardest task this week. It was over three chapters, all of which were about some sort of cell function or replication. Furthermore, I had to complete my biology binder and all of its worksheets in preparation for the test. Out of all the categories for biology that my class had gone through, cell receptors was one of the harder subjects. However, to prepare myself I completed my binder, went over the chapters in my textbook, and watched lessons on Khan Academy to make sure my knowledge was reinforced.

Surprisingly, my AP Biology benchmark was not as hard as I thought it would be. I had heard from my teacher that it would be over everything in AP Biology, including the categories we hadn’t even been over yet. I knew that I had many other tests and homework due that day, and because the lowest test grade would be erased, I studied a minimal amount and resigned myself to my test grade. However, when I began the test, it looked too good to be true. As I went through the test, I realized the reason that the benchmark seemed somewhat easier than other tests was because I had learned the majority of it in previous classes. Because of AP Environmental Science, I knew about the ecology section of biology. In Medical Microbiology, I learned about bacteria, their structure and how they functioned. In Anatomy and Physiology, I learned about the human body, the cells that allow it to function, and the nerves that serve to send signals. With all of this knowledge in hand, I took the test with confidence.

Somewhat similar to my AP Biology benchmark, my AP Calculus test went over everything we had learned so far. Out of all the math classes I have taken, Calculus is probably the only one in which I actually had to go back over previous topics as there was simply too much to forget about if one didn’t practice everything. Therefore, I did two things: I filled out my review packet and went over all of the notes I had taken in class. While my review packet was indeed for a grade, it went over the basics of everything I should have known for the test. Furthermore, it gave me a clue as to what type of questions would be present on the test. By looking at those, I was able to see how to complete even the most unique questions that tested my knowledge. Then, by going over all of my notes, I was able to look at the different ways to memorize the various derivatives, formulas, and theories. I was able to find easier ways to associate each method of solving the problem with the problem itself.

My interview assessment was the last thing I had to complete. Honestly speaking, this wasn’t too hard as I already knew what I had to write down. There was no set trick to finish this; however, keeping track of the answers to the interview was able to help me out greatly. Simply by looking at what I had written down, I was able to remember that interview. However, I did have one problem relating to the interviews: I had no other interviews to write about after this. I know that the next interview assessment is due in a couple weeks, but not having an interview is making me a bit anxious. Many people in my class have already gotten mentors and I too wish to have a mentor, therefore, I will continue working over the break to find more interviews and hopefully find a good mentor.

In the last paragraph, I mentioned working over the break. As much as I wish to do absolutely nothing over the break, that is simply unfeasible. By doing nothing but being lax, I will slowly lose the grip I have on my current lifestyle. Therefore, I plan to mix working in with relaxation. I plan to finish my AP Literature novel ahead of time to be ahead of schedule. I plan to find at least another surgeon to interview and hopefully find a good mentor. I plan to look for more scholarships because college work almost never finishes. However, at the same time, I plan to spend time with my younger cousins who are coming to our home for the first time.  I plan to make time so that they don’t regret coming to the United States and so that they don’t regret coming to see my family. With all that said and done; only time will tell if I can accomplish all of this.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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