The Start of The Final Arc

This past week was a blast. Honestly, after the strenuous week in which we had to display the mastery we had over our fields- Research Showcase -I felt that we all deserved a short rest. We were able to go over our final draft of our original works with each other, talk about what made the event as successful as it was, and rest from being in the spotlight. However, eventually I had to awake from that rest and start preparing for my future.

Final products are one of the biggest aspects of ISM. A final product is an original development that implements everything you have learned about one’s field into it. For example, a past ISM student created a working roller coaster on their home property. This project, from what I can understand, was a huge undertaking for him, but by the end, that product garnered so much attention that he was able to go into his field of roller coaster engineering and development with ease. While I can’t build a roller coaster, I want to do something big enough to make me stand out. I want to achieve something that I will look back on and be proud of. That’s why, this past week, I brainstormed ideas with my peers. I received quite a few suggestions, but I want to confirm with my mentor that he will be able to help and support me on this.

The evidence of learning is another somewhat important form because it documents what I have learned about my field. While one could simply write a research assessment, research interview assessment, or mentor visit, I had no proper visits with my mentor and no more professional’s to write about. Therefore I sat down and wrote about a topic that would change not only orthopedic surgery, but the field of medicine as a whole: stem cells. There were so many things to write that I didn’t know where to stop. By the time it was physically due, I turned in a four page paper. However, as soon as I got home, I worked on it more and made it more refined, bringing it up to about five or so pages worth of research. Honestly speaking, I could have done an original work on stem cells if I wanted, but I chose to write about greenstick fractures because they are more related to both orthopedic surgery and my field. Well, I hope I’m able to find another topic that piques my interest as much as stem cells this following week.

Honestly, not much else has happened this past week. However, that was because this week was for us to relax and prepare for the future. Now that this week is over, I plan to work as hard as I was before. I plan to work this hard because my future somewhat depends on my advancement in my field.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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