All According to Plan (Hopefully)

This week was full of planning. Planning for tomorrow. Planning for the coming week. Planning for the coming months. Planning for the tests I have to make up. While it may be tedious now, planning is necessary to proceed smoothly in The future.

The main thing this week was my AP Biology field trip. While I did have to plan for that, the main thing I had to do was to reschedule practically all of my Friday activities to another day. This meant that had to make up my major AP Economics test, major Pathophysiology test, and my Othello reading for AP Literature. All in all, it was probably one of the worst days I could have missed. However, I was resolute to go to the genetics speech, the field trip, and therefore had to make up all the previously stated assignments. My economics test I moved to Monday 4th period. As it was one of my most important classes, it was imperative that I got it done as soon as possible. My pathophysiology test would be made up on Wednesday 4th period because it also needed to be done, but I had to make my priorities straight. As for Othello, I could read over the weekend.

Another thing I had to plan was my final product. I had practically no idea what to write as my final product proposal. Therefore I decided to simply do my brainstorming on paper and talk about how the design could change. However, I made sure to list out the general rules the final product had to follow. While it may not seem important, doing the final product proposal now would get me thinking do the future. If I didn’t start now, I couldn’t guarantee that I would start it in the near future.

Another to start preparing for was my original work speech. While it would take next week, preparing for a speech needs a large quantity of time. Furthermore, I had to make a prezi presentation to go along with it. While my original work was already created, I had to find ways to elaborate about the planning in order to make it up to 15 minutes long. To accomplish this, I divided my speech into several portions. I would give my hook, talk about what lead up to the creation of my original work, and then talk about the work itself. If I wanted to, I could further divide it and talk about my past and how that influenced my life. However, that’s for me to plan and you all to see how it turns out.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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