The Mistress Known as Stress

I am not, by absolutely any means, a masochist. Yet this week, I don’t know what came over me. *Clears throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, this week I had 4 major tests, 6 quizzes and chapter checks, an essay, and a 15-minute speech and presentation to prepare alongside it. Furthermore, 2 of the major tests and the 15-minute speech could have been postponed to the next week. However, I wanted to test out my limits; I wanted to see how I would deal with the same amount of stress when I went to college. I wanted to have a dance with the mistress known as stress.

My major tests each were an ordeal on their own. Economics, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and biology are not classes that one can get by on without putting in a decent amount of effort. In order to get by each of them, I studied for each one as they came up; luckily,  none of them were on the same day. While there was much of a time crunch for every test, I had a review printed out for each one, which let me study much quicker than I normally would have. Thankfully, I was able to pass all my tests, and even score very well on most of them.

The reading checks were probably one of the easier things s to prepare for and take. Honestly speaking, I am very good at procrastinating. Luckily, this played a big part in this week as studying for my major tests took up the majority of my time. I was able to speed read the chapters beforehand and ask others the general clues about the chapters if I didn’t understand a part of them. Furthermore, I sometimes went in for tutorials to ask my teachers about the chapter themselves. Usually, they would explain it to me and I would do very well on the quizzes.

My essay was one of the easiest things this week. The majority of it took place at school. It was very fun learning to write alongside the teacher herself. I was able to analyze a bit of what separates a top tier essay from a high and middle tier essay. I was able to analyze different stylistic choices and why some ways of writing were preferred over others, especially on AP essays. While it was the easiest of my trials, it still drained me mentally and physically. Writing an essay on a complex subject is very hard to formulate and requires much effort to write in a limited time. Nonetheless, I’m happy that it occurred during the school day and not as homework, or then I really might have been devastated by everything.

The big bad boss of this week was my 15-minute speech. I had been working on this ever since Monday and I felt that even Friday was not a long enough time to prepare for it. I knew that I had to talk about my original work, research, and experiences, but since I didn’t have many experiences, I had to make it up with my original work and research. However, I didn’t want my speech to be just any kind of speech; I wanted it to be fun not only for me, but for the viewer, and also I wanted to retain the viewer’s attention throughout the entire speech. Therefore, I decided to have a gimmick in my speech. I would make a certain number of puns about the specific bones in the body and in the end, the viewers had to guess how many there were. Furthermore, the person who got closest to it would receive a small prize of 5 mini candy bars. With the plan in mind, I made a presentation of over 150 slides. To see my speech and how I felt and critiqued it, please see my next post.

Man, this really was a long week. I really wanted it to end because every day was even more stressful than the last. Each and every day my fatigue would pile up, and in the end, without much of a chance to even rest, I would have to prepare for the next day. Even I don’t think that 2 to 3 hours of sleep per day is good for my health.But in the end, it was a social experiment for my own sake. Even though I practically was dying throughout it, I thoroughly enjoyed my tango with stress.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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