There’s Always Something

This week was pretty relaxing in comparison to the weeks before. Overall, there was much less work to be done, but there is always something to take care of every week. While I didn’t have any speeches to give, a ton of tests to take, essays to write, or many projects to finish up, I had quite a bit of mentor work to get through. This week, I took the liberty to try and get my schedule worked out with my mentor.

ISM has given me many opportunities to not only improve myself but also delve as far as I want into the field of orthopedics. However, I must count on myself to take advantage of these opportunities. Last week, I told y’all that I had finally been able to meet my mentor. Well, that meeting allowed me to discuss the final product among the many other things, but it didn’t constitute me going for a learning experience. Therefore, while it can be put into my mentor log, I must learn to make every single meeting meaningful. Therefore, I began to send even more emails to Dr. Polousky’s assistant. These emails consisted of what I wanted to during each meeting, what times I was available, what days I wanted to see him, how I would meet him, proper conduct and attire, among a plethora of other topics. My main goal was to meet Dr. Polousky as much as I could so that I could learn more and more from him personally and so I could build an even better relationship with him and his co-workers. In the end, I just wanted to maximize the amount of time I was spending at The Children’s Hospital at Plano with my mentor.

While it may not be the mentor visit schedule, I was also occupied with another task from ISM. Dr. Polousky had connected me with the clinical coordinator of the hospital as well as a friend who had worked alongside him on some publications. As stated last week, I wanted to work alongside Dr. Polousky to create a final product that benefitted him but also showed that my time spent at the hospital was meaningful. Therefore, I began emailing the clinical coordinator to explain my circumstances as well as find a way to work on the final product alongside my mentor. While these conversations are still going on, I will try to resolve these problems by next week.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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