Pressing on The Break

This past week wasn’t too hard on me. While I did have my daily dosage of tests, quizzes, and reading checks, I was able to study for them all and get through them. However, there was one thing getting to me: the lack of sleep. It had been quite a few weeks since the last actual break, and the constant studying was getting to me. However, I kept in mind that the coming week was Spring Break and therefore, I would have a chance to recover.

Each and every week was constantly having its effect on me. While this week was not especially hard, my teachers wanted to cram everything they could to the last day. At this point, I had been getting around six hours of sleep per day. After weeks and weeks of the amount of sleep being taken out of me, I had almost reached my limit. I knew that Spring Break would be a great chance to catch up on my lack of sleep, but I still wanted to find ways to adjust myself for the future. I decided that on A day when I can back from school early due to early release, I could take an hour worth of napping. This would be a good way to catch up on my sleep in the future as well.

While some may brag about the lack of sleep they get, sleep is one of the most important, necessary actions needed to live a healthy life. While I may also joke about how ‘sleep is for the weak’, I also deeply desire some extra rest now and then. Furthermore, while sleep deprivation is bad for me now, it will become even worse of a problem in college. If I am unable to properly balance the time used for free activities, sleep, and studying, I will most likely hate myself for not being prepared and will not do well in living a both studious and fulfilling life.

Another big event took place this past week. After all of the buildup, I finally was able to go on my mentor visits with my mentor, Dr. John Polousky. And let me say this, while I did stay at The Children’s Hospital at Plano for four hours straight, not once did I get bored watching Dr. Polousky doing his clinical rotations. It was just Dr. Polousky, his scribe, the patient, and me in a smaller sized room, but it was fascinating.  Over the course of the four hours, I saw many patients with varying ages with a variety of different conditions. I learned so many things that by the end, I wasn’t able to memorize everything. However, I was able to write down some notes on the different illnesses and conditions. Because of this, I have so many new topics I can research and write evidence of learning about!

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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