A Clear Path in Sight

This week was similar to my previous weeks in that the workload was about the same. However, this week was very eventful and surprising. With this week having gone by so fast, I now have to start preparing for the increased workload next week.

My workload, like the last week, had been increased because of AP tests coming closer and closer. I had to pile upon reading three textbooks, a book club book, and major tests. I had many plans from the past few weeks to cope with the workload. I would sleep on A days as soon as I got back home to recover the lack of sleep. I would study in advance for the tests I know I would have a hard time on. As for the tests that I cannot study for in advance, I would go in for tutorials to make sure I had the majority of the topics down and ready. However, another problem had come up. I had to add the probability of projects and homework more than the normal amount. To deal with both, I simply had to start on them as soon as I got them and then on any part that would be difficult to complete, I would ask for help from both teachers and friends. However, this is easier said than done as studying for the tests and quizzes takes a good majority of my time. Well, in the end, I just have to increase my work efficiency.

On Thursday I had a very important meeting to attend to. Although it was planned fairly recently, I had no choice but to take the opportunity as I have been trying to meet with this person for a long time. The person who I finally had the chance to meet was the clinical coordinator or The Children’s Hospital at Plano. While I could work on my final product by myself, I would not make much progress as I wanted. However, by meeting her, I was able to learn how to focus my research. Well, rather I learned more about the hospital, the environment I was now entering, the people who could potentially change my life, and how to write proper reviews on a variety of research articles. This meeting literally changed my view of my final product. Before, while I knew what my product was, I never had a proper, efficient method of working toward that goal; my path was hazy and I couldn’t see my way to the final goal. However, meeting the clinical coordinator showed my how to work toward my final goal, a publication. By writing proper literature reviews I would comprise research related to the topic of the publication, helping out my mentor and his coworkers in writing the publication.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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