An Approaching Entity

This past week was a doozy, to say the least. With so many things to do and appointments to make, my time to get everything done was reduced. Furthermore, this was only amplified by the arrival of an unexpected event. Here’s how this week went.

This week was pretty stressful because I had put off some stuff that honestly should have never been or off. I had to work even harder because of this and therefore had to accurately pay up in the form of sleep. And I have to agree that I deserve that much for putting work off. This week, I planned to work even harder to get caught up. With essays to write, tests to take, and projects to get done, I had an average of three hours of sleep per week but was determined to get everything done.

On Friday, I was reminded of a college event that I could visit the very next day. Surprised, I immediately registered up for it as it was one of the two colleges left that I wanted to choose. However, many people discouraged me because it was literally less than 12 hours until the event, and they said that it was too late to sign up. However, I signed up and went anyway, just in case I could go. When I got there at 7:45 AM, I found out that I was indeed registered and able to attend the event. so for pretty much the whole day, I spent walking around the campus and seeing what the college had to offer. While this did indeed take a huge amount of time, I had received a huge amount of insight into which knowledge I should choose. In the end, the national deadline for college application, May 1st, is approaching very fast. However, I believe that I should only make my choice once I’m completely sure that I want to go to that event.

Life has its own agenda, and no matter what you say or do, your agenda will overlap. but we have to do whatever it takes to get everything done because it is better to get more done than less done. Whether the advent of an unexpected event brings good or bad fortune is up to you to make it out.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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