Release the Steam

This past week was a four day week, which was quite the change of pace. While there were many things due, there were a few extracurricular activities that I had put myself up for which helped me blow off some steam, even if it meant less time to study. However, I realize that, the time for me to accomplish tasks is getting shorter and shorter, but there is only so much a human can take before he has to let off some steam. Therefore, to prevent my overheating and to regain some motivation, I am doing exactly that; I am letting off some steam.

By the end of this week, there will be a little less than a month until Final Presentation Night. With Final Presentation Night, comes the due date for our final products. While I did have a bit of a late start on my final product due to shifting circumstances, I am currently working on it, and most likely I will be working on it until the day of Final Presentation Night. Well, to be more accurate, my final product will not be done by the time the due date rolls around. In fact, I don’t know if I will be done by the time Summer ends. Therefore, I will compile as much research as possible within these next four weeks, even with the onslaught of AP tests, to prove that I have benefitted from being next to Dr. Polousky as his student.

I don’t remember if I explained my final product before, but I may as well take the chance now to explain it. If my final product could be summarized into one sentence, it would be this: I am helping Dr. Polousky write a publication. Basically, as a highschool student, I don’t have the requirements to actually write the publication itself. However, I am able to observe and look at any research being done currently or that has been done in order to simply learn something. However, there is a part of the publication that I am allowed to write: the literature reviews. A literature review is basically a detailed annotated bibliography or a reference list of publications related to the field or topic being researched. So basically, my job is to find publications and research articles that have already been published and write the simplified and core ideas behind the research such as its objective, method, materials, the results obtained, and the conclusion one can take away from that. I have been tasked with completing around two literature reviews every week. Now, while this does not seem like much, over the course of a few weeks, you start of run low on free publications available online. Furthermore, I want to show that I am putting legitimate effort into this publication, therefore I have been reading through the articles, which let me inform Dr. Polousky of the intricacies not written about in the abstract of the publication.

As a result of putting so much effort into my projects, I have had a bunch of pressure building up. I know I’ve repeated this line many times in previous weekly reports, but it really is hard to maintain a proper level of efficiency in getting work done when AP tests get close and the end of the six weeks approach. Everything is just a rush of grades and there really isn’t much time off. However, with the small amount of time we do have, it should be properly utilized to try and attain higher levels of efficiency. However, as I previously stated, sometimes the pressure and steam gathers up and there is no way to increase to increase the capacity of the pressure one is able to withstand . Not this past week, but rather the week before, I was invited to join a small, newly formed sports club. While I was not able to make the first meeting due to being preoccupied by the National Honor Society and its induction ceremony, I really wanted to make the meeting. Therefore, I decided that I would go this week and make up for the last week. So this past Wednesday, I went to my very first volleyball club meeting. While this may not relate much to ISM and my week as a whole, it is important to keep in mind that when stressed out, the best course of action is to recuperate by taking a step back. While this club meeting may have only lasted about an hour, it was fun to take my focus off of work and instead learn to play a new sport.

I feel that taking a break, even if very short, is useful in the long run. Every person has a limit to how much work they can handle. Furthermore, if one has been push to almost their very limits, it is very hard to have and then maintain a work ethic that is efficient enough to take care of the stress that accumulates. That’s why, I believe that there should be intermittent breaks to allow one to take one’s mind off of the work one has to do. This small break allows one to regain motivation and energy to continue his work. However, one must keep in mind to limit one’s breaks because too much of a break will distract one from his work. In the end, hard work comes at a price. Whether that price is paid on time and we can continue to work hard or whether one overworks himself is up to the worker himself to decide.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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