The Things Around Me

There were a lot of stuff going on this past week, not only for me but also for many people around me. While I was going into a national certification exam, many people had their own plans to take care of. While one may be busy with his own schedule, one must always subconsciously keep in mind that others too have their own agenda. Furthermore, it is usually best if the goals of the agendas are able to come together and be worked upon together. 

One of the biggest events this past week was my IV Certification Exam. For the past few months in pharmacology, we have been studying purely the knowledge on how to ace this exam. While I was nervous, the biggest difference between this exam and exams in school was that I had paid a lot of money to take this exam a single time. If I failed, I would let down not only my teacher, Mrs. Kelly, but also my whole class. There were two parts to this test:  the written and practical portion. While the written goes without saying, the practical portion involved me actually calculating the amount of medication needed to be inserted into an IV bag and IV piggyback.

I feel like I learned a very big lesson this week as well. I had a test today that I was completely unprepared for. Well, what happened was that we had a test, and due to some internet connection issue, the test could not be taken. So everyone in the class and even the substitute teacher thought that we shouldn’t and couldn’t take the exam. However, fast forward until the next B day, and lo and behold, we had the test the next class. All the knowledge I had stored for the test the class before was gone. While I did pretty average on the test, the score I got was not as much as I would have gotten if I had taken the test the day before. In the case of any event, I should keep studying the knowledge I had learned before, just in case it comes into play. This not only goes for tests but also research. If I simply read an article, write a review on it, then leave it alone, I will have not learned anything in the long run. However, if I habitually go over the knowledge I have gained, my wealth of knowledge at my disposal will improve.

One very different event this week took place. Well, it would be more accurate to say the lack of an event. This week, I was unable to visit my mentor Dr. Polousky because he himself had an event to attend to. While he works at The Children’s Hospital of Plano, the orthopedic department he was in charge of was known as the “Andrews Institute” due to it being created by Dr. James Andrews, one of the most influential people in the medical world today due to him practically inventing the category of modern sports medicine. Furthermore, this institute is not one of its kind; there quite a few located in the United States of America, with the main building being in Florida. Because he is the head of such a big department, he was invited to be a speaker at the Andrews Institute’s 2017 Injuries in Football Conference in Florida. Although I have never missed out even a single week on coming to The Children’s Hospital, I am glad to miss out this week if it means that my mentor greatly benefits from such an event. As his mentee, I want to learn from him, and the more he continues to grow, the more I can grow.

In the end, be it teachers, students, or even doctors, everybody has their own schedule. It is not beneficial to either one or the other person if one only takes into account his own schedule in mind without any care for the schedules of others.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque

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