The Final Boss – The First Stage

This week was the first week of Advanced Placement testing. As you can see, this week was already hard enough. Yet, as you can probably tell, my worries did not end at the AP testing. For some reason, my teachers decided that it would be fantastic to add in a couple of projects and tests, just to spice up my life.

The first AP test I had to take was the AP Literature test. Out of all my subjects, literature was probably the only test that I did not know how to study for. For me, literature was something you either understood or did not understand. While I could study more literature passages, they would do little to help me this close to the AP test. However, just because it was difficult to study for the test doesn’t mean that there was no way to study for it at all. One of the main ways I studied was that I looked over the pages of different vocab or literary techniques and passages we were supposed to know or recognize at a glance. By going over these techniques, I would be able to use them in my essays that require me to explain literary techniques used or even in the multiple choice section if the question asks about the techniques present in the passage. In the end, this I felt that I may have simply been trying to reduce the anxiety I was feeling before my first AP test. In the end, it not only helped me study, but also allowed me to have a restful sleep.

The second and last AP test I had to take this week was the AP Government test. I was the most anxious about this test because I took it last year, or more accurately last semester. While I had been preparing for about half a week, there was no way I could recall every single bit of information I had learned during the first semester. However, after the test, I can fully say that I did okay. I don’t think I absolutely excelled at everything, but I feel that I did better than I thought I would do.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque


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