The Final Boss – The 2nd Stage

With this week over, the terror that are the AP tests have concluded. It’s been a rough two weeks, full of cram studying, praying, and fretting. However, I am the one who pushed myself into this scenario and I am the only one to blame for these trials. This week I had the AP Calculus AB and Macroeconomics test. However, I was also obliged to work on the projects and tests I had been given. Luckily, the tests weren’t too difficult and the projects weren’t due this week. I was able to put forth a minimal effort on them this week in order to study for the much larger AP tests I had to take.

This week’s AP tests were, for some apparent reason, tougher than last week’s. Even though I had studied AP calculus for the past year and AP economics for the past semester, they both were classes I did okay in. While I wasn’t doing too badly in either one, I wasn’t showing extreme amounts of talent or excellence in them. With the calculus test first, I knew that I had to study much more because even though I was pretty good at math related fields, that skill would not carry me to a five on the AP test. Therefore I decided to attend the review session the night before and reviewed everything I could. The review session started immediately after school ended and ended around four hours later at around 9:00 P.M. While we went over practically everything that we had learned this year in the form practice questions, by the end I was still unsure of how I would do on the AP test. While I expressed my concerns to my teacher at the end of the long review session, she merely told me to not worry about it and get some sleep. With nothing else I could do to prepare for the test, I put together all my materials necessary for the AP test, and went to bed.

As for the economics test, there were some things I could actually do to study. While I had been exhausted after the calculus test, I had to stave off that exhaustion and attend at least a short review session after school with my economics teacher. Luckily, I had been able to get my hands on some review questions and had been able to clear up any doubts I had about any graphs. As soon as I got home, I spent time going over all of the graphs I had learned this past semester and took the practice questions to make sure my skills were up to par. While I did miss quite a few questions, I was able to refer to the answer guide to fix all of my errors. I took those answers to heart and immediately reviewed whatever I could about the free response questions.

See y’all next week,

Saif Haque


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